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Other building materials

Technical fabrics are widely used in building market to face or reinforced construction material.
Initially focused on waterproofing and insulating markets we have developed an entire product range to serve other markets. Strong of our products and production expertise's; we continuously work on new solutions to enhance your product properties.

These last years we have enlarged our presence in:

  • Bitumen coating producers
  • Mineral coating producers
  • Jointing tape
  • Laminating industry
  • Complexes' industry

Each market and application having its own constraint and technical requirement, please contact us to submit your specific request.

Example of product range:

Product reference Weight, g/m2 Tensiles, MD, N/5cm Specification
NICOglass 35 35 150 Hydrophilic binder to facilitate plaster penetration
NICOglass 50 50 220 Low porosity white veil for improved aspect quality
NICOglass 70 70 280 Optimized thickness and mechanical properties for coating process
NICOglass 70 Ме 70 220 High fire behaviour black veil
NICOglass 110 110 430 High mechanical properties