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Thermal Insulation

Glass or stone wool products are used in many different applications.
Technical requirements and constraints depend on final installation as well as on local norms and regulations.

To help you in providing the most suited product, we supply a complete product range of glass veils in different weight, colors and binders as well as complexes:

  • White glass veils for insulating panels with optimized mechanical strength and moisture resistance
  • Reinforced glass veils with longitudinal glass yarns, to enhance compression resistance for insulating products in rolls
  • Black veils, standard or reinforced with longitudinal yarns, to improve visual aspect of mineral wool used for ventilated facades
  • Reinforced Aluminum used as vapor barrier

Example of product range:

Product reference Weight, g/m2 Tensiles, MD, N/5cm Specification
NICOglass 30 30 140 Light veil to improve mineral wool surface
NICOglass 50 50 250 White glass veil with high mechanical properties
NICOglass 50/RB 50 190 Reinforced black veil based on 13µ fibers
NICOglass 50 MeB 50 200 High fire bahavior black veil
NICOglass 60 H1B 60 200 High coverage black veil, based on 10µ fibers
NICOmplex АG1100 110 600 Reinforced Aluminium foil