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Wall covering

Glass veil is an excellent product to create a durable protection of your walls or ceilings keeping a flat surface.
With their high mechanical properties, fire behavior and covering power, our products can be used in all kind of buildings to:

  • Renovate old wall coverings
  • Reinforce specific surfaces to provide impact resistance
  • Cover or prevent medium size cracks
  • Smoothen wall irregularities.

The hydrophilic property of our binder allows a high and quick penetration of the plaster.
Our product range is compatible with all kind of glue and paint.

Our solutions for wall covering:

Product reference Weight, g/m2 Tensiles, MD, N/5cm Specification
NICOglass 35 35 150 Hydrophilic binder to facilitate plaster penetration
NICOglass 50 50 220 High mechanical resistance for an optimized protection of the walls
NICOglass 50 H1 50 200 Low porosity white veil for improved aspect quality