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NICOmplex Complexes

We have developed an entire product range of complexes, by integration of our production lines or by lamination of our laid scrims and other foils.
Complexes products have very high tensile strengths and dimensional stability, combined with very different surface aspects.
NICOmplex are based on laid scrim fabrics and can be laminated with all our glass veils or other foils, as Aluminium foils.
These complexes combined the properties of the different components : flexibility and high delamination resistance are other advantages offered by these products.

Features and benefits of wet laid glass veils:

  • High delamination resistance
  • Rot proof and UV light resistant
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Chemically inert
  • Allows a uniform impregnation or adhesion of other materials

Product range:

  • Glass scrim + glass veil : from 400 to 1000 N/5cm
  • Glass or PES scrim + Alu/PE foil