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NICOglass Glass Veil

Glass veil is a non-woven material made of glass fibers with specific fiber diameter and length, bonded together by organic additives.
For specific customers’ process or product constraints, glass veil can be reinforced with longitudinal glass yarns.
Using a wet laid process, NICOglass produces homogeneous, strong, stable and heat-resistant glass veils.
In addition to the standard urea formaldehyde binders, our research and development department continuously tests new binder formulas to provide groundbreaking solutions. These innovations include low VOC emission, fire resistant and formaldehyde-free binders for different applications.

Features and benefits of wet laid glass veils:

  • Homogeneous aspect
  • High mechanical strength
  • Fire-resistant
  • Root-proof and UV resistant

Product range:

  • Mix 10-13; 13 or 16 µ fibers
  • UF of MF resins
  • Non reinforced from 30 to 120 g/m²
  • Reinforced from 45 to 100 g/m²
  • Black veils from 50 to 120 g/m²